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NIPS 2004 Computational Biology Workshop


Saturday morning session
7:30am Welcome and overview
The organizers
7:40am Dynamic Re-wiring of Protein Interaction: The Case of Transactivation
Gabriele Scheler
8:05am On the Reconstruction of Interaction Networks with Applications to
Transcriptional Regulation

Adam Margolin, Ilya Nemenman, Chris Wiggins, Gustavo Stolovitzky & Andrea Califano
8:30am Protein Function Prediction using Bayesian Statistics
Barbara Engelhardt, Steven Brenner & Michael Jordan


Break + Posters

9:05am Probabilistic Models for Identifying Regulation Networks: From Qualitative to Quantitative Models
Nir Friedman
9:45am An Algorithm for Multipoint Linkage Analysis
Cornelis Albers, Tom Heskes & Hilbert Kappen
10:10am Kernel Methods for Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions
Asa Ben-Hur & William S. Noble
10:25am Predicting and Analyzing Gene Regulatory Response
Anshul Kundaje, Manuel Middendorf, Mihir Shah, Chris Wiggins,
Yoav Freund & Christina Leslie



Supervised Learning for Decoding Beads in a Randomly-assembled Optical Nose
Bahram G. Kermani , Igor Fomenko , Theo Kotseroglou, Behrouz Forood, Lori Clark,
David Barker, Michal Lebl

Dimension Reduction of Microarray Data with Independent Component Analysis
Rafal Kustra & Han Liu

Saturday afternoon session
4:00pm Cell Programming - The Case of a Functional Synapse
Michal Linial
4:35pm Protein Ranking: Global Structure in the Protein Network
Jason Weston, Andre Elisseeff, Dengyong Zhou, Christina Leslie & William S. Noble
5:00pm Predicting Protein Levels from Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data
Anthony Bonner & Han Liu
5:15pm Learning Kernel Convex Combinations for Biological Sequence Classification
Sören Sonnenburg, Gunnar Rätsch & Christin Schäfer



5:45pm Graph Kernels for Molecular Classification and Prediction of Mutagenicity, Toxicity, and Anti-Cancer Activity
Pierre Baldi
6:10pm Predicting Protein-Peptide Binding Affinity using Distance Learning Algorithms
Tomer Hertz & Chen Yanover
6:35pm Kernel Extrapolations for Enzyme Classification
S.V.N. Vishwanathan, Omri Guttman, Karsten Borgwardt and Alex Smola
6:50pm Automatic Sequence Identificaion of Protein Domain Families
Elon Portugaly, Nathan Linial & Michal Linial


Closing remarks and discussion

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